How To Cruise Best In 2020

How To Cruise Best In 2020

As we cruise into 2020, Casablanca Express has some very important Cruising tips, hints and suggestions

One of the most important suggestions is to make sure to take full advantage of the medical services aboard

Check to see if they have any kind of medical clinics on your cruise. If you do have a medical condition, the ship’s coordinator and medical services can assist you. They can help with many things often including providing insulin, blood pressure checks, refrigeration of medication and more. You can also request a 24-hour check-in in the event you wish someone to see you in your room. In the event that you start to feel unwell, it is urgent that you notify the ship doctor. When living in such close proximity to one another, it is important to rule out any serious illnesses immediately.  It is also good for everyone to take good care of themselves so no one gets sick.

Bring Dramamine even if you don’t expect to get Sea Sick

Casablanca Express always suggests that everyone bring something for sea sickness on any cruise. Some examples are Dramamine, wrist acupressure devices, or other ways to relieve any form of shipboard nausea. 20 to 25 percent of adults get symptoms of Sea sickness also commonly referred to as motion sickness. Whether you’ve been on a ship before, or this is your first time, chances are that you’ll experience some form of motion sickness. For some people, the only symptom they ever get is a headache. A small Dramamine patch in the lowest dosage can really go a long way at preventing this uncomfortable experience. It generally takes two to three days to receive your sea legs. That’s when your body adjusts and you feel more comfortable being at sea than on land. When you are on a cruise for many days, getting back on land will feel very weird.

Take care of yourself so a cold doesn’t become the flu!

Generally, if caught early, a flu is nothing but a cold. A cold can be easily treated, not ruining your cruise. A lot of people are very hesitant to go to the doctor while aboard a ship. They wonder if it might not be serious enough, and some are even concerned they may be quarantined. Quarantine, unless severe, is a suggested mechanism and not one that is forced. We suggest that you present yourself to a doctor in the event you’re not feeling well. Regardless if it’s a cold, flu, sprains, or pains. Injuries aboard ships tend to be a little more dramatic because of the environment. So, by looking out for yourself, you’re looking out for others and preventing the spread of illness.