Casablanca Express – April 10th, 2018

These are the top three destinations that have observation wheels, these are also some of the largest wheels. Casablanca Express reviews many different locations, so we can tell you of the best attractions in the USA. This first one is the Las Vegas High Roller Wheel, because of its size, this Ferris wheel can transport 40 people in each and every car.

High Roller

Las Vegas, Nevada

Located in one of the world’s busiest places, it is also the highest wheel in the world. This amazing wheel is situated right in the heart of the Strip in Las Vegas, making it a great tourist attraction. The High Roller is the world’s largest observation wheel, including 28 transparent pods holding 40 passengers each.
Read what people who travel say about their experiences with Casablanca Express and our destinations and the incredible value in the adventures. These three attractions have millions of travelers each year, because they are so exciting. Fun fact #21, Casablanca Express Travels thousands and thousands of people to Las Vegas, Anaheim, and Orlando.

Orlando Eye

Orlando, Florida

At the Orlando wheel, each capsule contains an Apple iPad so that you can learn all about Orlando and various landmarks. This is just one of  many tips from Casablanca Express travel with almost 40 years of experience. Take the time, look out and you will see the everglades and surroundings in Florida. Fun fact, our customer service speaks several languages, ensuring they are available and knowledgeable. Our teams experience and knowledge is sure to help you to enjoy your vacation. You can see how some of these huge wheels are becoming major attraction around the United States, especially for families.

Mickey’s Fun Wheel

Anaheim, California

Mickey’s Fun Wheel offers a couple of ride experiences, including a swinging or stationary gondola. Visit Las Vegas, Orlando, or Anaheim and you to may get to see one of these amazing wheels. The top three are called the Orlando Eye, Mickey’s Fun Wheel, and the Las Vegas High Roller, each of which have thousands of awesome reviews pictures and photos.