Casablanca Express Travel has a few suggestions, tips and recommendations for accessories that we like, use and take with us when we travel. These accessories have become essential now more than ever. Here are our top 3 recommendations for new travel gear you will surely want to bring on any Casablanca Express trip.

Power Your Items

If you find that you are often having to look for an outlet to charge your phone when you are out, this will be super helpful for you. With a portable rechargeable battery, you will not have to stress out about charging your phone before leaving in the morning. Also, you will be able to take as many pictures as you want without having to save your battery for emergencies. There are many different battery sizes that are available, so you can pick whichever is best for you. Most of the rechargeable batteries will also let you know how much power is remaining, so you know when to recharge them. Keeping your phone charged all day is easy with a portable charger.

Track Your Items

You will never have to worry about losing your belongings again. There are a number of tiny Bluetooth trackers and easy-to-use apps that help you find everyday items in seconds. They can be placed in your bag or in a standard passport case and then connected to your smartphone. By using GPS location telemetry and NFC technology, you will always know where your items are. Just go to the last location where your phone said your item was located. Once you are in the general area, your phone will make your item ring and finding it will be simple. There is even an available feature to find your lost phone. As long as you are near any of the items you track, you can use them the opposite direction to make your phone ring. This feature will work even if your phone is on silent mode!

Purify your water

Casablanca knows how important clean water is for safe travel. We have found that a fast and easy way to make drinking water is to utilize a Good Bottle Purifier System. This makes it super easy to make clean drinking water in less than 30 seconds from virtually any fresh water source in the world! The best ones remove up to 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses. An express water purifier in a destination like Casablanca can be a life saver and a real game changer.

With the right mix of portability and safety, this may prove to be the only water bottle you will ever need. Especially since most water purifiers can be filled at any water source (within reason). We recommend places like a stream, lake, tap, hotel sink or bathroom anywhere in the world. Of course, Casablanca Express always suggest that you follow the instructions provided with your water purifying equipment for best results.