Prior To Leaving

Try to get the highest deck on the ship. This will provide you with the easiest accessibility, as well as the most amount of time in areas where the activities are. The ship is built in a multi-deck style, with the most basic cabins being on the lower decks, forward or rear cabins. Most ships generally have interior cabins with no porthole or window. These tend to be cabins that, while basic and simple with no frills, are further located from the center of the attractions aboard the ship. One of the best pieces of advice is to obtain a cabin that is closer to the center of all the attractions and events. This will prevent that 10- or 15-minute walk four or five times a day back to the cabin to change, shower, dress off, and give you more time aboard the ship doing activities.

The Day of Departure

Arrive at your ship at least three-and-a-half hours early, as you’ll be able to enjoy a few hours aboard prior to departure. This will also give you the window to provide documents and all the other necessary paperwork to board the ship without stress. By arriving at the point of debarkation early, you have the opportunity to buy enhancements for your cruise face to face, and avoid some of the mass lines that occur once the boarding process is fully underway.
NOTE: The best excursions book up the quickest, so make sure to reserve your space as soon as you know what you want to try!

Get the most out of your electronics while cruising

Be sure to bring all necessary chargers and adapters for your electronics

Check to make sure that you have correct adapters and plugs while aboard the ship. Though the ship is basically a floating hotel with all the amenities one can imagine, by having all the right charging power and adapter ports, you will ensure that you’re able to utilize your electronic devices. If internet access is important to you, please make sure that, while boarding, you obtain any necessary wi-fi passwords or roaming passwords.

Save money while roaming!

Another trick that I have learned is, once the ship has left port, to switch to airplane mode. This makes the wifi a priority. Some carriers will allow you to make and receive wifi calls while on the wifi-only and airplane mode. We also suggest that you download apps like WhatsApp, or various other international texting and video calling chatting features. Another trick that one of our more experienced travelers uses is, he has obtained a Google number, which he points to his cell phone, but just for when he travels. So, this way, he knows that the incoming calls he’s receiving are from people who are trying to reach him while he is overseas.

When packing, make sure your luggage is approved for all your transportation

Always be aware that, while boarding ships, unlike airplanes, luggage limitations are not as much a restriction, but there are limitations to luggage, and of course, limitations to what can and cannot be brought aboard the ship. We highly suggest you check with each and every transportation, cruise transportation conveyance company to ensure what their current list of acceptable and unacceptable shipboard items are. Another great resource is the Transportation Safety Administration, as well as the Department of Homeland Security, as they have country advisories, items of caution, and other various important suggestions to make your cruise safer and more enjoyable without having hassles.

If you have any questions, ask the staff

Remember that the ship has lots of guest services and staff. Always look at the schedules to see what’s available. A few of the hidden secrets about cruising is this. That you can connect with the cruise social director. Check to see what games they have for bingo.

Bring Dramamine even if you don’t think you’ll need it

If you’ve cruised before, you know what I mean in that, when you’re aboard the ship, it seems as though you’re walking at a higher altitude where it takes a little bit more stress and consciousness to move about. Once you hit that shore and you’re no longer moving, there’s that strange feeling that … like you’ve just gotten off a roller coaster, where everything’s stopped and you’re standing still for the first time in a long time. Dramamine. Motion sickness tablets. Always good to have, even hopefully not using it. Better to have and not need than to need and not have.