Families traveling with Casablanca Express make wonderful memories in Anaheim 

Anaheim, California is known as the home of the modern theme park. Over the last 70 years, Anaheim has blossomed into a major tourist city for families to visit. The appeal of many family based theme parks brings visitors from all over the world to Anaheim, including many So-Cal locals. Of course, the most famous theme park in Anaheim is Disneyland™. Casablanca Express travels thousands of people each year to Anaheim, California.

Historic Fact:

The original Disney™ theme park opened on July 17, 1955 and currently attracts over 17.9 million visitors annually (in 2016*).

A father and two children posing with Daisy Duck

“We had a wonderful time at the Disney Adventure park to celebrate my daughter’s birthday.”

Antonio D. from Playa Del Rey, CA

Families love visiting Theme Parks in Anaheim, and have enjoyed it for the last 75 years. The city of Anaheim, California has seen a huge growth in tourism and visitors. As the home of the original Disney™ theme park, Anaheim continues to be a top tourist destination. While all of the theme parks in Anaheim continue to grow, they will keep adding rides, to ensure they stay on the cutting edge. Disney’s™ newest attraction, the Star Wars™ Galaxy is due to open in the summer of 2019. This new park will introduce a classic universe of imagination to a whole new generation of kids and adults alike.

Reuters new agency reported on 2-8-18 “that the Walt Disney Co had a quarterly profit that topped Wall Street forecasts”

A whole family smiling and hugging a life size Snoopy

“We had a fabulous stay and also an unforgettable trip! Thank you Casablanca Express for giving us a wonderful family vacation.”

Arnulfo R. from Madera, CA