A suitcase overflowing with national monuments and travel imagesMarch 13, 2017

How to save space when packing

Pack light to travel light. Try to get by with a carry-on. The trick here is to take ONLY the things you think you will need. You can always buy a few new items if you have an urgent need. Pack a sleep mask and ear plugs. These are perfect for either a plane, train, bus or even for use in your hotel room.

Make the MOST suitcase space. Don’t fold your cloths, ROLL EM instead; this will give you the maximum space. Stuff socks, underwear, and other personal essentials inside of shoes. Our motto “leave no space unused”.

Keep a small “blanket, shawl or wrap” in your carry-on. These can be used when on the plane as a pillow or a blanket – As most airline keep the cabin temperature colder than room temp.

Tip: wear old t-shirts, pants, underwear, and socks to travel in, you can always throw them away after you wear them. This way your luggage will be lighter and you will have more room for souvenirs to bring home.

Bag-it and Sort-it. Zip-lock bags can be used to pre-sort and hold your accessories, commercial pack bags, the ones that can be “vacuumed” packed can be a real space saver. Also empty trash bags are a great way to protect formal clothing and have multiple re-uses as laundry bag, shoe covers and protective “film” for souvenir purchases.

Packing your own snacks can save you time and money

Bring your own SNACKS. You can save a lot of money by packing your own snacks; especially if your flight should be delayed. Remember that liquids of any type are a No No (above 4 oz)

Pack with a timeline in mind: Pack the items that you will use first upon arriving at the top of your suitcase. This way you will have easy access upon arrival and you won’t end up digging through all your clothes first thing.