A suitcase overflowing with national monuments and travel imagesKnow how to increase your odds of having what you need

If you are traveling as a couple, split your clothes between two different suitcases. This way, if one of them gets lost during the flight, you each will still have half of your clothes with you.

Bring a multi-socket extension cord. Even though most newer hotels have an in room USB port, it is best to be prepared. Always bring an extra USB adapter to charge all of your electronics. Don’t forget to bring your phone/computer and other charging cables.

If you forgot something, try asking at the front desk

If you forget your phone charger or computer power adapter, check with the front desk and see if they have an extra. HINT! Ask them to check the lost and found, chances are that another traveler has left a charger that you can borrow.

If you forget your toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, deodorant. don’t rush out to buy more. First, contact the front desk as they will usually have small samples available to you for free!

Use Technology to be prepared and to keep yourself organized

Make digital copies (by scanner) of your ID before leaving home. Having a digital copy of your ID, in the event it is lost or misplaced can be a real life saver; especially if traveling internationally. You may also want to bring a photocopy of your documents as a back up. It can also be very useful to photocopy your credit and debit cards. Especially if your wallet is stolen. This way you can quickly place holds on all of your accounts. For all of these backups, keep a hard copy and a digital one you can access online.

Always take a pic of your car when you park in an unfamiliar lot

Use your smartphone to take pictures of your car in the airport’s parking garage. This tip will help prevent that uh oh moment of “where did I park my car”. If you can, include a landmark in your picture, therefore it will be easier to determine your cars’ location.

Use your smartphone to take photos of your luggage, as well as the contents. This simple tip will assist the airline with locating your luggage by providing them with a picture of the actual suitcase. The photo of the contents will help tremendously in the event that you luggage is lost and you have to file a claim.