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A family posing with a bunch of life size minions

Universal Studios Orlando!

Orlando, FL

"My family and I had an amazing time in Orlando, Florida thanks to beautiful accommodations and Free passes to Universal Studios from Casablanca Express! Our resort stay was a wonderful place to relax between all the activities that Orlando has to offer. Our 3 kids had a great time relaxing in the pool while watching a movie. Going on a nature walk and eating by the fire while watching the sunset. As a family we enjoyed our full day at Universal Studios. What a wonderful getaway for my husband and I! Casablanca Express staff did an amazing job! "

- Sonya P. from Altamont, NY

Family posing with Sheriff Woody and Jessie

Family Trip at Walt Disney World

Orlando, FL

"Words cannot express how amazing our vacation was to Orlando, Fl, thanks to Casablanca Express! Because of Casablanca Express our family was given the wonderful opportunity to enjoy a day at Walt Disney World as well as explore some other attractions in Orlando. This was a dream of our family which was made a reality. We had a great time together as a family. I must say it was the best vacation ever! Thank you so much Casablanca Express! You are doing a fabulous job of helping families experience quality time together. "

- Jason B. from Jamestown, NY

A couple posing with a life size Minnie Mouse

“Big Kids” in Orlando

Orlando, FL

"My wife and I went to Disney World for the first time for our ninth year anniversary. And when I tell you we were big kids, we were "BIG GROWN KIDS" running around those parks. Each of the four parks were uniquely different, exciting, and offered us a different experience every time. Not to mention the over the top parade and fireworks extravaganza was just what we needed to end the night right and a reason to believe in magic. We are planning another trip this year to see the grand opening of avatar, Disney's new experience. I want to thank Casablanca express for giving us this magical trip. "

- Donell D. from Fresno, TX

Father and son posing in a fake wave on a surf board

Great Family Fun Vacation In Orlando

Orlando, FL

"Was a wonderful trip!! we enjoyed it all!! Thanks so much. "

- Amy B. from Abilene, TX

A child casting a spell!

Can’t Wait For Another Visit to Legoland

Orlando, FL

"I had a great time in Orlando as we went to Legoland. I can't wait for another visit "

- Donna H. from Bay Shore, NY

photo of a ride taken during the ride at Disney World

Fantastic time in Orlando

Orlando, FL

"My family and I had a fantastic time in Orlando on our vacation! We enjoyed working with Casablanca Express throughout the booking process and our accommodations and park tickets were great as well! We found the staff to be helpful and attentive. We were able to experience a family vacation with lasting memories thanks to Casablanca Express. "

- Mathew B.

Two women smiling and hugging

Universal Studios in Orlando

Orlando, FL

"Loved our December visit to Universal Studios in Orlando with my daughter and son. Everything went smoothly with perfect weather. Can't wait to go back! "

- Liz M. from Mesa, AZ