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Theme Park Tips and Hints For Travelers

Casablanca Express Travel Tips and Hints When Visiting Any Theme Park

Casablanca Express suggests that you arrive at least an hour prior to the parks actual opening time. The parking lots generally open an hour before the theme park itself. This will give you the absolute most time within the park. Always take a picture with your cell phone of your parking spot (location). This may be the most important picture of the day, you will thank yourself when you find your car.

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Health and Wellness on a Cruise

Bring Dramamine even if you don’t expect to get Sea Sick

Casablanca Express always suggests that everyone bring something for sea sickness on any cruise. Some examples are Dramamine, wrist acupressure devices, or other ways to relieve any form of shipboard nausea. 20 to 25 percent of adults get symptoms of Sea sickness also commonly referred to as motion sickness. Whether you’ve been on a ship before, or this is your first time, chances are that you’ll experience some form of motion sickness. For some people, the only symptom they ever get is a headache. A small Dramamine patch in the lowest dosage can really go a long way at preventing this uncomfortable experience. It generally takes two to three days to receive your sea legs. That’s when your body adjusts and you feel more comfortable being at sea than on land. When you are on a cruise for many days, getting back on land will feel very weird.

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Tips to Fully Enjoy your Cruise

Prior To Leaving

Try to get the highest deck on the ship. This will provide you with the easiest accessibility, as well as the most amount of time in areas where the activities are. The ship is built in a multi-deck style, with the most basic cabins being on the lower decks, forward or rear cabins. Most ships generally have interior cabins with no porthole or window. These tend to be cabins that, while basic and simple with no frills, are further located from the center of the attractions aboard the ship. One of the best pieces of advice is to obtain a cabin that is closer to the center of all the attractions and events. This will prevent that 10- or 15-minute walk four or five times a day back to the cabin to change, shower, dress off, and give you more time aboard the ship doing activities.

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Families Love Visiting Theme Parks in Anaheim

Families traveling with Casablanca Express make wonderful memories in Anaheim 

Anaheim, California is known as the home of the modern theme park. Over the last 70 years, Anaheim has blossomed into a major tourist city for families to visit. The appeal of many family based theme parks brings visitors from all over the world to Anaheim, including many So-Cal locals. Of course, the most famous theme park in Anaheim is Disneyland™. Casablanca Express travels thousands of people each year to Anaheim, California.

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Anaheim The Magic Behind Family Entertainment Since 1955

So what is the city motto of Anaheim?

The motto of Anaheim is “The Anaheim Way”

Anaheim California is located in Orange County. Casablanca Express has located a unique fact that most people are not aware of. The fact is that many of the cities in Orange County have a motto to guide their businesses, organizations and citizens. What is the Anaheim way?
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The Smart Way to Travel – Packing 201

A suitcase overflowing with national monuments and travel imagesMarch 13, 2017

How to save space when packing

Pack light to travel light. Try to get by with a carry-on. The trick here is to take ONLY the things you think you will need. You can always buy a few new items if you have an urgent need. Pack a sleep mask and ear plugs. These are perfect for either a plane, train, bus or even for use in your hotel room.

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The Smart Way to Travel – Packing 101

A suitcase overflowing with national monuments and travel imagesKnow how to increase your odds of having what you need

If you are traveling as a couple, split your clothes between two different suitcases. This way, if one of them gets lost during the flight, you each will still have half of your clothes with you.

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