Hawaii Reviews

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Hawaii Relaxation

The beautiful destination of Honolulu, Hawaii is an excellent place to unwind and relax under the sun. The hotel where my friend and I stayed was local to the beach, awesome restaurants, lounges, & shops. The people there are so warm and friendly, & the island music reminds you that you are on vacation mode. The sights are amazing and serene, & it was an opportunity to reflect on how grateful I am to be in such a wonderful place. I will never get old of Hawaii and cannot wait to go back! Thanks Casablanca Express!

Joanne L. from Los Angeles, CA


Hawaii Is Absolute Paradise

i_neria1 review photo

The trip we took to Hawaii was simply amazing! We were able to go snorkeling, visit the North Shore, and have a romantic luau. I couldn't have asked for a better trip. The hotel room was ok but we only slept there so we didn't spend much time in there. I couldn't have imagined a better trip! We will definitely be going back very soon.

Issac N. from San Pedro, CA


Spectacular Hawaii Trip

Our trip to Hawaii was spectacular. I was worried about the accommodations, the timing of the flight, the pick up of the car and the validity of the prize. This turned out to be smooth sailing and the trip of our lifetime. The hotel was right in the heart of Hawaii, the flight was a breeze and landed in Honolulu where we had booked our car. The tickets to our trip came in the mail with plenty of time to do our confirmations and plan in a timely manner. We are so grateful for the wonderful vacation trip we had the opportunity to enjoy thanks to Casablanca!!

Maribel M. from Azusa, CA


A beautiful island

Honolulu and the surrounding area has to plenty to offer, with the history of Pearl Harbor, to fine dining, museums, high rents and high rises, illogical streets, traffic jams, and unending road construction projected to be completed in Hawaiian time. A beautiful island where they have magical beaches, excellent food, beautiful hikes, and great weather for the most part.

Isabel I.  from Tracy, CA