Casablanca Express Travel Tips and Hints When Visiting Any Theme Park

Casablanca Express suggests that you arrive at least an hour prior to the parks actual opening time. The parking lots generally open an hour before the theme park itself. This will give you the absolute most time within the park. Always take a picture with your cell phone of your parking spot (location). This may be the most important picture of the day, you will thank yourself when you find your car.

Before entering the park, come up with an agreed upon meet up location within the theme park. Casablanca Express suggests that your group all know the exact same place to meet in the event of an emergency. This is very important since cell phones do not work very well, since a lot of rides and attractions are housed inside of buildings where cellular service may be patchy.

Bring an extra large USB battery, as there are VERY few place to charge your phone in the parks. Casablanca Express advises also bring a charging cable as it’s a long day at a theme park and you will find an outlet a lot easier, than you will find a “USB” port to plug your charging cable into. Generally outlets can be found near fast food, drink stands and restaurant areas within the theme parks.

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First, decide what rides you can’t miss!

Try and ride the MAIN attractions that you want to experience the most first, as the most popular attractions have the biggest lines. A lot of Casablanca Express travelers purchase a “speed pass” our travelers find that the access to scheduling rides is a bargain. A speed pass will allow you and your family to experience more fun with less wait time.

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Location, location, location

Being close to the theme park, and staying within shuttle-bus distance will save on daily parking fees and hassle. If you have the opportunity to lodge in one of our closer upgraded accommodations, we recommend you take advantage of this incredible value. When finalizing your travel arrangements, ask your Casablanca Express travel representative if there are any upgrade options available.  Casablanca Express knows that by being close to the main entrance of a theme park, you will increase the time spent within the park itself. We always suggest taking a shuttle bus in and out of the park. This helps avoid parking costs, parking lot traffic, and long lines to leave. Follow our tips and hints to help to have a way better overall experience.