Anaheim Reviews

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Disneyland Adventures

Our trip to Disneyland through Casablanca Express was amazing! It gave my husband and I an unforgettable vacation together to a place I have never been to and always wanted to go! A memory I will never forget. This vacation was the most stress free planning ever since the team at Casablanca Express did the brunt of the work and arranged everything. I can't wait until our next vacation!

Samantha B.

Anaheim, CA

Southern California Disneyland Family Fun

My family and I had an awesome time at Disneyland! Even though we were caught in rain, we made the best of it! It wasn't at all hot, but the night show was a bit chilly.

Christina M. from San Marcos, CA


Knott’s Berry Farm Fun

Our stay was amazing. Awesome park and great hotel. We enjoyed it and would definitely do it again. Thanks Casablanca Express.

Reagan M. from Bakersfield, CA


We Love Our Disneyland Vacation

This was one of the best family vacations my son and I have experienced. There were so many great moments on this trip. When we arrived at the hotel we were greeted by the friendliest valet and customer service check in. It was approaching evening, we settled into the very comfortable hotel room with poolside view. We were on the patio watching everyone at the pool then something unexpected happened. There was a large group that started dancing and chanting a Hawaiian Tribal Dance. It was AWESOME, first time ever seeing anything like this.

Emily H. from Las Vegas, NV


Our little mini vacation

My husband and I used our Casablanca Express voucher for a trip to Disneyland and had a great time on our little mini vacation from work! This picture was taken outside of star tours and the Storm Trooper pulled down my mickey ears for the picture, he was a lot of fun!

Mikayla W.


Honeymoon at my favorite place

I had a wonderful time. I was married on 4/12/15 and because of you guys, I got to honeymoon at my favorite place in the whole world, Disneyland. I don't know how to thank you for such a wonderful gift, but I do thank you.

Temma K


Days full of Happiness!

Thank you so much to Casablanca express for our wonderful thanksgiving vacation. A 3 nights stay at Anaheim Plaza Hotel & suites. Spending our youth with days full of happiness in Disneyland! The Hotel was awesome! Very close to Disneyland. The room was spacious with balcony and a swimming pool. Staff was kind. Breakfast is nice, and not that expensive.

John G. from Newark, CA

Anaheim, CA

Cherished Memories from Disneyland

Me and my wife had a wonderful time at Anaheim CA. We both just recently purchased a Home, and have been cutting back on or spending, Casablanca express was a blessing to us, it allowed us to visit the Disneyland theme park ( something we left to do ) at a fraction of the price. We really cherish the time that we spent together at the theme park. I give our overall experience an excellent report! Thank you guys!

Jibri L. from Moreno Valley, CA

Anaheim, CA

Aces all Around!

Casablanca Express did everything they said they were going to do in a timely manner. They even offered us an upgraded hotel stay at a fraction of what it would've cost us if we had tried to book the reservations on our own. We had a wonderful experience with Casablanca Express & also had an amazing trip to Disneyland, where we were able to take our 2 small children for the very first time (while we also had one on the way!) Aces all around! Great job Casablanca Express!

April S. from Henderson, NV

Anaheim, CA

Unforgettable Adventure in LA

We just had an amazing time at Anaheim and Los Angeles areas, we visited great places like Disneyland, museums and cultural centers, we will never forget this adventure thanks to you Casablanca Express!

Adriana R. from San Diego, CA

Anaheim, CA

Wonderful Water Park Adventure

The amount of joy this trip to the Great Wolf Lodge brought my family is priceless, and I couldn't thank Casablanca Express enough for this. My daughters had a blast under the big bucket and couldn't get enough of the water slides. We even had a sweet treat in between the fun, right there at the lodge! The halls were packed with interactive fun for the kids, from wizardry to fairies. We never ran out of things to do. Thanks again Casablanca Express!

Adam L. from Twin Lake, MI

Anaheim, CA

Wonderful Disney Adventure!

Our family had a wonderful time on our Disneyland vacation thanks to the accommodations made by Casablanca Express! The hotel we stayed at was just a short walk across the street from Disneyland and California Adventure theme parks. It was pretty awesome not having to worry about driving through traffic, parking, and added costs. Best of all, our 3 and 1 year old daughters were in Disney Heaven. Seeing their eyes and smiles light up was everything to us. We all had a blast creating beautiful family memories while spending quality time together. Thank you for helping us plan our family vacation Casablanca Express. We’re looking forward to having you book our next trip!

Alfleen B. from San Leandro, CA

Anaheim, CA

Had the Best Time in Anaheim!

Our Disneyland and Knottsberry Farm getaway was amazing. Our hotel was walking distance to the park. Our family had the best time. It was the best gift for our 6 year old promotion from Kindergarten to 1st grade.

David E. from Fresno, CA

Anaheim, CA

Fantastic Family Vacation

Casablanca Express gave my family the exquisite opportunity to be able to visit Disneyland Anaheim . We couldn’t be more excited since it was our first time for my children. We had such a great time and built a lot of memories and topped all off by spending the night at one of Disneyland hotels. Thanks Casablanca Express.

Dina M. from Canyon Country, CA

Anaheim, CA

Memorable Disneyland Vacation

We had a awesome time at Disney. Casa Blanca gave us a good deal on accommodation. Thank you so much. My grand daughter had never been to Disney. It was a very memorable visit.

Maria P. from Stockton, CA

Anaheim, CA

Our Son Loved the Trip!

We took our 5 year old to Disney for the first time in June and stayed at the hotel CasaBlanca Express booked for us. He had such amazing time that he keeps asking us to go back and stay at the same hotel we did. We enjoyed our stay and the rooms were absolutely amazing!

Maria C. from San Jose, CA

Anaheim, CA