So what is the city motto of Anaheim?

The motto of Anaheim is “The Anaheim Way”

Anaheim California is located in Orange County. Casablanca Express has located a unique fact that most people are not aware of. The fact is that many of the cities in Orange County have a motto to guide their businesses, organizations and citizens. What is the Anaheim way? It is a professional service based style, a quality attitude of caring and family engagement rooted in entertainment. That is why the workforce in Anaheim is perfect for the tourism trade as the philosophy is geared towards the service industry. This magical relationship between business and employee is crucial to the overwhelming success of the past 75 years. Walt Disney knew this himself back in the early 50’s, and the motto has proven more true today than ever.

Casablanca Express says “come to Disneyland, visit Anaheim and experience the Anaheim Way”.

A topiary Mickey Mouse

There is more to Anaheim than Disneyland

Social Media worthy restaurants and food

Southern California has a wide range of food. Being so close, to Mexico, there is never a shortage of tacos and burritos. When visiting Anaheim, be sure to find somewhere fun to have dinner or some other meal.

Beaches and DTLA are also nearby

Many people wouldn’t want to miss going to the beach. When you visit Anaheim, you are never very far from the beach. Make sure to pack your swim suit so you can take advantage of all the beach has to offer.